trenchless-technology-sewerFew plumbing issues in the home are as daunting as a leak or a clog in your main sewer line or water line: the pipes that bring potable water in from the Sun City civic system and remove wastewater from your home via the drains. They’re usually buried underground, which affords them some protection from the elements. But that makes them very hard to reach in the event they spring a leak or develop a clog.

Up until a few years ago, fixing problems with those pipes meant a great deal of time and effort: renting construction equipment and hiring extra hands to uncover the pipe and bury it again after it had been repaired. Even after the job once done, the homeowner had to pay landscaping coasts to repair the lawn and other parts of the yard that had been disrupted.

All of that came to an end, however, with the advent of trenchless technology. It allows the repair of sewer lines and other hard-to-reach plumbing components to be made in a fraction of the time and with a much smaller cost to boot. Here’s a breakdown of how it all works.


The main difficulty with sewer lines and similar underground pipes is simply assessing the problem accurately. You had to uncover the pipe completely just to get an idea of what the issue was, making it an expensive endeavor from the very start.

These days, we have a much better means of examining the problem. Video cameras exist that are smaller than your fingernail – you likely have such a camera on your cell phone – and when coupled by a light, they let the technician simply run the camera down the pipe to get a good look at the problem. It provides unprecedented accuracy during diagnosis: allowing the technician to understand both the causes of the issue and the extent of the damage. And since it doesn’t involve digging or extra manpower, it can be conducted swiftly and inexpensively.


Accurate diagnosis is one thing, but how can actual repairs be conducted without digging up the pipe? Most of the time, you’re looking at either a breach in the pipe or something clogging up the pipe. The former can can be dealt with by using inflatable seals, or epoxy delivered in a similar fashion. Snakes and other devices can be used to deal with clogs.

In the event digging is required, trenchless technology has an answer for that too. Two small holes can be dug on either side of the problem, and the proper corrective measures can be run down and fitted into place. When it’s done, the technician need only bury the holes. Again, it takes but a fraction of the time and expense required to excavate the pipe, and your yard is left intact as well: meaning you don’t need to hire a landscape to repair the damage.

For quality sewer line repair in the Sun City, AZ area, count on The Trusted Plumber to handle it with trenchless technology!

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