Drain repairs are not something that a lot of homeowners really want to think about, and who could blame them? Anything related to drain or sewer repair is likely to be messy, smelly, and generally unpleasant. While that may be true, putting off the problem is only going to compound it when you finally do get around to dealing with it. The sooner you recognize the need for drain repair services, the easier (and often cheaper) it will be to fix the problem. Let’s take a look at some of the signs that you need drain repair services.

Slow Drainage

The most obvious sign of a drainage issue is that the water simply doesn’t drain at all. That’s normally the point at which people call a plumber. However, before that happens there is a period of time where the drain will gradually start to drain more and more slowly. This is caused by a steady buildup of material in the pipe, usually starting on the walls of the pipe and building towards the center. If you notice that your water is draining more slowly, you should call a plumber before the drain has had a chance to become completely clogged.


Discolored or bad-smelling water coming up from your drain is called backflow. It is caused by a failure further down in your plumbing. Sudden changes in water pressure can cause the flow of water through a system to reverse, leading to sewer water flowing back up your drain. Most homes have a sewer backflow valve installed to prevent this. If backflow still occurs, it probably means that the valve is failing to close. You’ll need to have a plumber examine your system to be sure.

Bad Smells

Another problem caused by a malfunctioning sewer valve is the release of bad smells. If the valve fails to close, it can allow sewer gas to float up through the drain and into the home just as easily as backflow. If you notice bad smells coming from your drain, you should call a plumber to address the problem.

If you think your drains need repair services, make an appointment with The Trusted Plumber today. We provide drain repair services throughout Scottsdale, AZ.

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