Video pipeline inspection is a pretty common technique used by plumbers these days. Despite its wide availability, however, not nearly enough homeowners take advantage of it. Video pipeline inspection can identify all sorts of issues that need repair, before they become too serious. That’s part of the reason why so many plumbing companies offer it as a service. Let’s take a look at what video pipeline inspection actually is, and how it can protect your home’s plumbing.

What is Video Pipeline Inspection?

Many of the pipes in your home cannot be accessed without tearing up all sorts of things, like walls and floors. As that is not something any plumber wants to do every time they need to inspect the system, video pipeline inspection is used instead. A cord is inserted into your pipes, with a camera on wheels at the end of it. The camera wheels its way throughout your plumbing, examining the pipes for anything that might require attention. This allows your plumber to identify any potential issues that need fixing, without having to excavate your entire property.

Problems that Video Pipeline Inspection is Good For

One of the most common problems found is pinhole leaks. These are leaks in the pipes that are so small that they don’t cause any outward symptoms. The only way to detect them is either through visual inspection or noticing the water damage they can cause. Video pipeline inspection allows your plumber to find these leaks in time to prevent them from causing too much damage.

Tree roots are another common problem, which frequently grow into pipes and obstruct them. With video pipeline inspection, the root can be located and the pipe repaired.

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