emergency-plumbing-situationWhen you’re told that a plumbing company offers emergency services, what do you think of? You might assume that the only time you should dial that emergency phone number is when there’s an absolute disaster of catastrophic proportions: a steadily flooding basement, a bathtub overflowing on the second floor, poisonous snakes shooting out of your toilet… The works.

In reality, there are plenty of plumbing emergencies that are simply a combination of a small problem happening at the wrong time. Calling in for a plumbing emergency isn’t like calling into 911, so there’s a bit more leeway in what’s considered an emergency. In this post, we’ll go over the types of plumbing problems that require emergency attention.

The Catastrophic Kind

The first kind of emergency is the kind we associate with true emergencies. For plumbing, that often means a problem that’s causing damage to your property and will only get worse as it continues. Sometimes these can be as extraordinary as a flooding basement, but they can also be as simple as a leak that has developed in a bad location.

These emergencies are the reasons that 24/7 emergency plumbing services in Phoenix, AZ exist in the first place. We’re rarely prepared for these emergencies and they never happen when it’s convenient.

It Affects Your Business

The second kind of emergency doesn’t always consist of catastrophic disasters, but if it’s the right kind of problem at the right time, it can cost much more than water damage. What we’re talking about are plumbing problems that stop your business from running properly.

For example, a clogged sink is far from an emergency in most cases. But what if that sink is the only one available for washing the dishes in your fast-paced smoothie shop in the middle of the day during a summer rush hour? Or what if the freezer stops working and your product begins to melt?

But here’s what’s important to know: If you call up just any plumber and tell them you have a clogged sink, they might just try to squeeze you in wherever they’re available. But that’s not really emergency service, is it? In these cases, you should make sure you’re calling up a plumber who specifically advertises priority service for emergencies.

Your Quality of Life is Disrupted

Again, these are emergencies that won’t sound like emergencies over the phone. They won’t cost you thousands of dollars or create any direct harm. However, it could be a disaster for you due to the circumstances.

If a broken main water line is preventing your home from receiving drinking water, taking a shower, or using your kitchen, you might be able to wait. But you might not, due to medical reasons, personal reasons, or anything else.  Whatever your reasons are, you shouldn’t stop yourself from calling it in as an emergency just because it doesn’t sound like an emergency.

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