pipe-about-to-burstIt’s silly to ask you how long you want the plumbing in your house to last. The answer is the same: “For as long as possible.” Maybe you’d like to say “Forever!” but of course no plumbing system will last forever, even with the best technology available for installing and repairing it. 

We want to help you have plumbing in Avondale, AZ that does last as long as possible. There are ways you can get started right now to see that the pipes in your house have few repair needs, and there are also jobs we can do that will help. Below we’ll look at five of the best ways you can give your plumbing pipes a long service life with minimum repairs.

#1. Never use drain cleaners!

Those store-bought bottles of chemicals that claim they can unclog your drains? They may offer temporary fixes for some clogs, but they are terrible for the drainpipes and sewer lines. The problem with them is their acidic action keeps going after it eats away at a clog, and the residue can remain for a long time, chewing away at the pipes. Get rid of clogs with a plunger or call us for professional drain cleaning rather than use these “cleaners.”

#2. Move fast to have leaks fixed

A small drip from a pipe may not seem too bad. But leaks get worse, they grow, and as they do, they also cause damage to the pipes. (As well as the building material around them.) If you have a noticeable pipe leak, call for it to be repaired. We recommend leak detection to see where else in the plumbing there may be leaks.

#3. Proper care of what goes down the kitchen drain and toilet

We’ll put these together because the lesson is basically the same: you can’t throw just anything down drains in your house. The garbage disposal isn’t meant for actual garbage, and neither is the toilet. With the kitchen sink, don’t put in any of the following: fats, oils, grease, stringy vegetables, rice, onion peels, bones, coffee grounds, anything non-organic. With the toilet, all that should go in it is human waste and toilet paper. “Flushable” wipes are out of the question: few things can wreck your plumbing quicker.

#4. Call us for regular drain cleaning

Drain cleaning isn’t just a job for when you’ve got a clog emergency. It’s a fantastic annual maintenance service that not only prevents clogs, it removes the residue inside the pipes that can lead to long-term damage. Just like cleaner engines run better and last longer, cleaner drains work better and last longer.

#5. Adjust water pressure if its too high

The water entering your home may be at too high a pressure: you don’t want the water pressure to be higher than 85 psi. High water pressure wears down on pipes and appliances. You can call us to check on your water pressure, and if it’s too high, we can install a water pressure regulator to get it down to a safe level. 

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