newly-renovated-kitchenWhen it comes to DIY, kitchen renovations are up there as one of the most popular projects. And we can understand why. Your kitchen is possibly decades behind in the trends, and you’re sick and tired of looking at it. It’s hard work, and you’ll need to learn a lot along the way, but few things will beat the satisfaction you’ll feel when it’s finally done.

But a beautiful kitchen is only half as important as a properly functioning kitchen. We suggest you call up a plumber in Sun City, AZ to have these services and upgrades done alongside the renovations.

Drain Cleaning

Yes, drain cleaning. We know it sounds basic, but think how it’ll look if the sink of your newly renovated kitchen is taking several minutes to drain. If you’re overdue for drain cleaning, have it done sooner so you can enjoy your new kitchen sink immediately.

Although many homeowners are told time and time again that they need to avoid pouring fats, oils, and greases down their drains, sometimes we slip up. The real problem comes from letting just enough of these substances fall down the drain—thus allowing other materials to get stuck and start building.

The first signs of a dirty drain are when it starts draining slower than usual. So, even if your drain isn’t totally clogged, a nice hydro-jetting can blast any potential clogs out of the pipes with hot, highly pressurized water.

Water Softener Installation

To protect your kitchen for longer, you might then want to consider installing a water softener.

Water softeners reduce the amount of hard water in your plumbing. Arizona is one of the states with the highest concentrations of hard water, so you’ve undoubtedly encountered it before.

For one, it can drag down the appearance of the kitchen you worked so hard to renovate. Hard water leaves some unpleasant looking stains and marks on everything from the faucets it comes out of to the utensils it cleans. If you’ve ever seen a white, scummy ring around the kitchen or faucet bathroom, then you know how unappealing it can look.

More importantly, hard water will shorten the lifespan of your plumbing by clogging up faucets. If you haven’t been using a water softener up to this point, now is a good time.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance

Many homes are already equipped with garbage disposals, but it’s a piece of equipment that’s easily forgotten and taken for granted. And that means it most likely hasn’t seen maintenance in a while.

Neglecting to maintain a garbage disposal can bring a host of inconvenience, such as taking longer to grind food, clogging often, or needing to press the RESET button a lot.

Aside from inconvenience, however, a worn-out garbage disposal can start to leak, thus creating a risk for water damage below the sink. It’s a normal part of wear and tear, but it can be prevented before it ruins your cabinets.

Need some help with your renovations? Don’t be afraid to call in a pro when it comes to the plumbing! Contact The Trusted Plumber to schedule a service.

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