hydro-jetting-sewerWhen you think of plumbing, you probably think of leaks and clogs. At least, these are two of the most common issues you’ll encounter with your bathroom plumbing in Glendale, AZ.

When it comes to clogged drains specifically, we can confirm that they’re never convenient or desired. However, they’re nearly inevitable if you don’t have your drains cleaned regularly.

People sometimes confuse “drain unclogging” with “drain cleaning” and think of them as the same service. In this post, we’ll explain some of the best and worst methods for drain cleaning, as well as which ones actually qualify as “cleaning.”

The Worst

Negativity catches people’s attention more than positivity, so we’ll start with some of the worst drain cleaning methods.

Chemical Drain Cleaners

We know that chemical drain cleaners are often advertised as a jug full of drain-cleaning magic. And sure, we can admit that these drain cleaners are capable of doing as advertised.

Of course, what they don’t tell you is that many of these drain cleaners use caustic chemicals that will damage your drains. The chemicals are strong enough that they can corrode your pipes and cause leaks to develop prematurely. Plus, just think of all the unknown chemicals you’re pouring into the sewer system.

If a plumber ever does decide to use a drain cleaner, they’ll only use a brand that is 100% safe for your plumbing and for the environment.

A DIY Method Found on an Internet Search

We can’t stop you from leaving this page and searching up DIY methods for unclogging your drain. You might even find one that works.

However, unclogging is much different than cleaning. Cleaning a drain takes professional tools and methods. Any DIY attempt at drain cleaning will most likely require the use of chemicals or substances, and that can be dangerous to you or your plumbing. Unless you’re a chemist or a plumber, we can’t condone any DIY methods.

The Best

Now, for the better methods of drain cleaning.

Drain Snake

A drain snake can help you unclog some stubborn blockages, and it’s readily available at hardware stores. However, we’ll say it again: this is not the same as drain cleaning.

Drain snakes are useful for clearing up a clog, but they can come with some risks when used by amateurs:

  • The metal snake can leave unsightly scratches and marks on your porcelain sink or toilet.
  • Forcing a drain snake down the toilet can cause it to get stuck, possibly damaging the toilet itself.
  • Improper usage can scratch the pipes or possibly even create breakage.

Most of all, drain snakes prevent you from solving the root of the problem: the dirty drain itself!


We’ve saved the best for last!

When it comes to cleaning out a drain, there’s no option better than a hydro-jet. These tools consist of a line that’s several hundred feet in length, at the end of which is a nozzle that sprays high-pressurized water. Not only is it completely natural, but it’s powerful enough to blast away the grime and sludge that starts clogs in the first place.

If you need a drain unclogged, you probably need it cleaned just as badly! Contact The Trusted Plumber today to schedule a service.

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