plumberIf it’s time for you to schedule maintenance for your household plumbing—which we recommend you do once a year—how should you do it? There are four options:

  1. Do it yourself. It’s easy to book when you go DIY!
  2. Call a buddy who’s good with tools and knows a few things about plumbing.
  3. Look up a company with “plumber” or “plumbing” somewhere in its name. Anyone will do.
  4. Find a licensed professional plumber and schedule service with them. 

We know that options “A”–“C” are tempting, and far too many people take them. But the correct answer is “D.” Any other choice for a plumber in Glendale, AZ isn’t really a choice for a plumber. You want a licensed professional for the job and nobody else.

The good news is that you’re already on the website for a licensed professional plumber. We have a history of experience and trust with our customers, and we also have the proper licensing (License# ROC 276768). We’re called the Trusted Plumber for good reasons!

Why a Professional Is Essential for Maintenance

There are several important reasons why you should only entrust plumbing maintenance—or any plumbing service—to a licensed plumber. 

  • Insurance: To have a license, a plumbing contractor must be able to show it has the full insurance to cover property and personal damage. This is an essential protection for a consumer. If a non-insured “plumber” suffers an injury on your property while handling maintenance (and this is more likely to occur with a non-pro), you may be liable for the injury. The same goes for damage that may occur to your house—you may have to pay for damage done if an amateur ends up breaking one of the pipes or other accidents.
  • Equipment: Professionals have access to the best equipment and the training to use it. Amateurs might be able to afford a few high-end tools, but they won’t be on the cutting edge and they won’t know how to use them properly. This can be critical when it comes to maintenance because the best drain cleaning comes from using hydro-jetters. These tools can be dangerous in the hands of amateurs! Let the people with the right tools and the skill to put them to use handle the service.
  • Speed: This is a two-bladed sword when it comes to non-professionals—they may take far too long to do a job an amateur could achieve in half the time; or they may rush just so they can charge you and then dash off to the next sloppy job on their list. Professionals know how long a job will take because they’ve done it hundreds of times before: they’ll get it done right and get it done on time.
  • Accuracy: You can’t trust a non-professional to do a job correctly. You just can’t. You don’t know their experience or credentials and you probably don’t have any references. Once the maintenance is finished, you’ll have no reassurance that anything was accomplished or that your plumbing is better off than it started. With a professional, you’ll know you got the work you wanted.

The Trusted Plumber serves Glendale, AZ and the surrounding area. Schedule service with us—we offer emergency plumbing service. 

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