mold-on-wallYou don’t need anyone to explain to you why mold in your house is bad. Mold anywhere is bad, with the exception of culturing certain types of cheese. When you notice mold growing in your house, it’s important to have remediation done to prevent harm to the property and possibly the release of toxic mold spores. Not only does the mold need to be removed, but the source of it needs to be fixed. Often, it’s the plumbing at fault.

There is a range of plumbing troubles that may lead to mold growth. Below are the ones we deal with often. Prevention is the best tool, but you can always call on great plumbers in Surprise, AZ from The Trusted Plumber to make the repairs behind the mold.

Hidden Leaks

The leaks you can’t see are the worst, because you won’t know you need to have them fixed. Even pinhole leaks in the pipes inside the walls and ceilings create significant water waste and building damage. The rise in moisture invites in mold and mildew, and both chew through mildew quickly. You can spot signs of hidden leaks, such as a rise in water usage in the house, discolored spots on the walls and ceilings (look out for a spreading ceiling stain beneath an upstairs bathroom), or the water heater turning on and off at strange time. We also recommend scheduling routine leak detection every few years as a preventive measure.

Leaking Under the Sink

You can have leaks under the sinks in your bathrooms and kitchen and not realize it because you store cleaners and other products in these areas. Slow drips can accumulate and warp wood and lead to mold. These leaks can come from the p-trap (the curved drainpipe section), a loose feed line, or from the edges of an old sink where the caulking is gone. If you notice any odd smell from the below-sink area or see water anywhere, clear out the area and find out if there’s a leak. Call our plumbers if there is.

Standing Water

The slow drain in the shower or bathtub is annoying. But it can cause worse problems than you know. Leaving too much standing water in the bathroom is a big cause for mold, even if you always wipe down the shower or tub after using it. Always move fast to fix slow or clogged drains, and sometimes this requires calling a professional plumber.


We don’t usually have to deal with flooding damage due to weather. But any house can suffer from flood damage because of a plumbing disaster, such as an overflowing toilet or broken pipe. It’s not enough to just mop up this water—it gets down into building material and is tough to remove. If left long enough, mold sets in and does major damage. In the event flooding because of plumbing issues, always call a professional plumber to handle repairing the problem before the water gets deep down into your house.

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