natural-burnersYou may think of plumbers as only working on the pipes that carry freshwater or wastewater around a house, as well as the appliances and drains connected to those pipes. But plumbers can take on jobs with another type of piping in a house—the pipes carrying natural gas to appliances such as the heating system, the oven, the stove, or even the laundry machine.

Not all plumbing contractors handle work on gas lines to install, replace, and repair them. For a plumber in Sun City, AZ  who’s licensed to work with gas lines, just call our number. We can see to all your needs for gas line services in the area.

You Must Have Professionals for Gas Line Work

DIY plumbing jobs are common today—and we wish it were different! With any plumbing job more complicated than changing a washer in a faucet or using a basic sink plunger to take out a simple clog, DIY attempts can create much bigger problems. No matter what plumbing job you need done, call a licensed plumber to schedule service.

This is essential when it comes to gas plumbing! Mistakes with standard plumbing can end up wasting water, creating water damage to parts of the house, or creating clogs and broken fixtures. Mistakes with gas plumbing can create life-threatening hazards because of combustion dangers and exposure to toxic gases like carbon monoxide.

For example, let’s say you suspect you’ve got a gas leak in one of the gas lines. You may have noticed a rotten egg smell (this is a chemical added to natural gas so people can smell the normally odorless combustion gases) or had one of your CO detectors go off. No matter the reason you think there’s a leak, shut off the gas line to the house and evacuate. Call the gas company first to check on the safety of the house. Afterwards, you’ll need to have professional gas plumbers come to the house to locate and fix the leak. Trying to fix it yourself can be incredibly dangerous, and you aren’t likely to be able to pinpoint the leak unless you turn the gas on again—which you shouldn’t do!

Our professionals have special training to certify them to work on gas lines. This means they know all the safety precautions to take and tests to make to see that the system is safe again after repairs are finished. Licensed experts won’t leave your home until they are certain the issue has been safely fixed.

This all applies to replacing older gas lines as part of an update on your home or putting in more gas lines to expand natural gas use in the house. We recommend people make the widest use of natural gas in their home as possible, since this is a less expensive energy source than electricity, burns cleanly, and provides more heat energy for a furnace, stove, or oven. Let our gas plumbers help you find the best places to improve your gas lines or to fix them.

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