An overflowing toilet can turn into a disaster if it’s allowed to go on for too long. As water floods into your bathroom it may spread to other rooms, damaging floor mats, carpets, and belongings. Mold could develop in the home, leading to potential illness and some major renovations. When your toilet is overflowing and you’re present for the event, you know that you need to take immediate action. But what, exactly, can stop the flow of water?

If you find yourself in this situation, don’t panic. Locate the water shutoff valve, and then call the trustworthy team at The Trusted Plumber for plumbing repair in Scottsdale, AZ.

STEP ONE: Locate the Shutoff Valve

Now, the most important step you can take first and foremost is shutting off the water to your toilet. Check toward the bottom of the bowl for the water shutoff valve. Having trouble locating this valve? There is a main water shutoff somewhere in your plumbing system, but it may take a while to find this. Instead, try lifting up the float in the tank until the water no longer flows. This will not solve the problem, but it can keep water in the tank for now.

STEP TWO: Repairing the Toilet

Now it’s time to figure out exactly what the problem is. In some cases, there could be a defect with your toilet, but most of the time, an overflowing toilet indicates a major drain clog and trouble with the float assembly. In the event of a major drain clog, you’ll need to call a plumber. A plunger will work if the clog is located near the drain, but if not, you’ll want to call a professional with the proper tools to remain clogs far along in the pipes.

You should also call a plumber regularly for an annual plumbing maintenance visit. During plumbing maintenance, a technician should inspect your entire plumbing system, including the toilet, and make any necessary adjustments. The technician will also let you know if something is amiss, so that you can schedule repairs or drain cleaning before your toilet overflows or another plumbing issue occurs.

Count on the trustworthy technicians at The Trusted Plumber for plumbing repair in Scottsdale, AZ.

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