raindrop-mdDo you actively practice ways to conserve water in your house? We hope so, because there’s massive water waste across the country, and most of it is preventable through several basic steps. You already know about taking shorter showers: keep showers to five minutes and the savings over the year are enormous. There are other little tips, like shutting off the water while you’re brushing your teeth, or never running the dishwasher unless there’s a full load.

But you may have a house that’s wasting water and not be fully aware of it. Problems with your plumbing in Buckeye, AZ can lead to significant amounts of water going to waste. These can be problems like outdated fixtures or much more serious conditions with the plumbing that need immediate attention. We’re going to look at five ways a house wastes water and what to do about them.

ONE: The Ancient Toilet

You might think of the toilet in a bathroom as an invincible device. It may need repairs now and then, but it will last for the full life of the house. But this is false, and older toilets should be replaced because of how much water they waste per flush. Some older toilets use 6 gallons per flush, while newer ones, even the most basic models, use 3 gallons or less. We recommend looking into replacing your old toilet with a low-flow model, which drops water use down to around 1.25 gallons per flush.

TWO: The Ancient Showerhead

Taking those shorter showers? Good! But you could do much better if you get rid of the old showerhead currently in place and put in a low-flow model. As with the old toilets, old showerheads are massively wasteful of water, and even a standard new showerhead uses less.

THREE: The Faulty Water Filtration System

Here is one people often don’t realize can be a problem. A water filtration system, particularly a water softener, can malfunction and begin to go through multiple cycles. These cycles drain water uselessly. If you hear your water treatment system running almost constantly, that will explain high water bills! Call for technicians to repair or replace the system.

FOUR: Leaky Faucets

This is a simple one, but we want to draw attention to it because homeowners often imagine that a dripping faucet is a huge source of water waste. The problem is that these drops accumulate fast, and they end up wasting many gallons per month. You shouldn’t tolerate a leaky faucet, and it’s an easy repair for a plumber.

FIVE: Hidden Leaks

This is the Big One. If you have water bills that seem sky-high but you don’t think you’re doing anything wrong with how you use water, it’s a warning sign you have hidden pipe leaks somewhere in the house, possibly down in the slab. These leaks often show few outwards signs—until water damage starts to show up! We recommend having water leak testing done every few years to catch these problems, and always arrange for it when you have mysteriously large water bills.

Trust in The Trusted Plumber! Talk to us today to help stop the water waste that’s affecting your house!

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