wrenchesWe put it right in our name: The Trusted Plumber. We’ve gained a reputation for reliability with our excellent service and 100% satisfaction guarantee. And if you’ve come to this page today, it’s likely because you have suspicions about other plumbers in Peoria, AZ you’re thinking of hiring. Perhaps you’re concerned that your current plumber isn’t a trustworthy one.

We can help you out with some of the warning signs to watch for that the plumbers you’re considering for your next installation or for an important plumbing repair aren’t ones you can trust.

They aren’t licensed and tell you licensing isn’t important

The first thing to check with any plumbing contractor is if they have a license. The license number should be right on their website. (Our license number is ROC 276768.) Don’t hire plumbers without a license, and don’t let them tell you that it isn’t that big of a deal to have one. Can an unlicensed plumber be skilled? Yes—but you won’t have any protection in case they aren’t or something goes wrong. No license means no guarantee on insurance, and you may end up liable for damage done to your house or for injuries a worker sustains on the job site. It’s not worth it!

They tell you not to bother getting a second opinion

Any professional worth hiring for any service—from a doctor to an electrician—won’t discourage you from finding a second opinion or doing a bit of shopping around. Be wary of any plumber who tries to “hard sell” you, because it often means they know there are other people out there offering superior service at fair prices.

They won’t communicate with you about the work

It’s important for our plumbers when they’re on the job to explain to customers in easy to grasp language what sort of work they plan to do. This way customers understand the extent of the service and what they can expect it to cost. An untrustworthy plumber will attempt to keep customers out of the loop and then spring surprises on them with a service they didn’t authorize—and make them pay more for it.

They aren’t clean, professional, and respectful

This is a general category that covers a lot of behavior you shouldn’t receive from a plumber. The plumber doesn’t show up at the scheduled time, arriving hours late instead. The plumber doesn’t take special precautions to protect the rest of the home during the work. The plumber doesn’t clean up the mess they made after a job. The plumber looks (and smells) like they just crawled from the sewer pipe. You deserve much better than that.

They don’t offer guarantees

Plumbers who won’t back up their own work with satisfaction guarantees are probably used to having unsatisfied customers. You want to put your trust in a plumber who shows confidence about doing the job right.

We are a licensed plumbing contractor with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and an aim to exceed expectations. We are also members of both the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association and Quality Service Contractors. We’re the Trusted Plumber for many good reasons.

The Trusted Plumber—we’re the real deal. Call us when you need a plumber you can trust.

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