plumber-with-sink-p-trapAre you looking for emergency plumbing in Peoria, AZ? We hope you came to this blog post before the plumbing disaster struck, and you’re doing prep work to have a plumber’s number handy whenever you do have an emergency problem. And that means you’re already thinking right: when it comes to handling plumbing repairs in a house, whether an emergency or not, you only want trained professionals to handle the service—like the plumbers on our team. We named ourselves The Trusted Plumber for a good reason.

We want to go into more detail about why the professional, rather than the amateur, is helpful when it comes to emergencies.

Experience means better decision-making

In other words, training means a cooler head in frenzied situations. You probably know the feeling of having to make choices during a crunch, when you’re under pressure to get a job done right. No wiggle room for errors. The more experience you have with that type of situation, the more you know about your job, the more likely you are to make good choices with a cool head. That’s critical for a plumber who is facing an emergency problem in a house. The professional has dealt with trouble like this before, knows the options, and can make the best decision in a short time.

Professionals carry better tools and know how to use them

People have a basic concept of the tools plumbers use. But this is only a portion of the tools the modern professional uses. Plumbing technology has made big advances over the years, and the up-to-date pro has fantastic equipment that can take care of emergencies in a shorter period. Just basic diagnostic tools cut down on the guesswork. Although an amateur may invest in a few of these tools, that’s no guarantee they’ll know how to operate them correctly.

Professional repairs stay repaired

Here is an unpleasant fact that any experienced professional plumber can tell you: a large number of the repairs they perform are due to bad early repairs an amateur did. A stop-gap solution may dam up a big leak, but it needs to have a long-term solution follow it up. But amateurs and DIY enthusiasts rarely go past the patch-fix, leading to trouble later. Unfortunately, if you aren’t the original owner of your home, you may have these sloppy fix-it jobs hidden in the plumbing. Always call a professional for the emergency repair that will stay fixed.

Professional plumbers are insured

This is one of big “on-paper” facts about professionals that makes them different from amateurs. Professional plumbers must have a minimum amount of workers compensation insurance and damage insurance to receive a license from the state. This insurance protects you from liability in case of a plumber suffering an injury on the job or causing damage to your home. These are possibilities in an emergency, so please go the safe route and call on a licensed plumbing contractor.

We are your one-stop-shop for any plumbing service you need. We are trained and insured (License# ROC 276768) and have emergency service available.

The Trusted Plumber serves Glendale, AZ and the surrounding areas. Schedule service with us today.

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