The pipes used in your home’s plumbing are quite sturdy, and are designed to last up to a century. So, you would think that you could spend most, or all, of your life without having to worry about piping issues. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. There are plenty of problems that can cause problems with your pipes, and even require replacing them completely. Read on for a look at some of the more common problems you’re likely to deal with.


Copper pipes are primarily used because of their resistance to rust, which makes them better suited to water exposure than iron or steel. Unfortunately, copper pipes are still vulnerable to several different kinds of corrosion. The two most common corrosion types are formicary and pitted. Formicary corrosion is caused by formaldehyde in the air, which eats tiny tunnels through the pipe and weakens it to the point of leaking or rupturing. Pitted corrosion is caused by exposure to chlorine particles, and opens leaks in a similar way to formicary corrosion. Both forms are quite damaging to pipes, and must be closely watched for if they are to be caught before causing too much damage.


Blockages are another common problem for plumbing pipes, and can be caused by all sorts of things. FOG (fats, oils and grease) is a common source of blockages for sewer pipes. Hard water can cause lime scale to form in high enough quantities to severely restrict the flow of water through the pipes. If your drains seem to be draining more slowly than usual, you may have a large blockage somewhere in the system that needs to be removed.

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