plumber-using-video-pipe-inspection“It’s not about the tools, it’s about the people using the tools,” goes one variation of the old saying. But at the same time, which plumber are you going to hire: One with nothing but a plunger and a monkey wrench, or one with the best in modern plumbing technology?

Admittedly, technology in the plumbing industry isn’t as glamorous as self-driving cars or virtual reality headsets, but what we do have is meant to save you time and money while improving the quality of your life.

Video Pipeline Inspection

Years before the GoPro was invented, plumbers started using miniature cameras to inspect the inside of the main water and sewer lines. The camera is attached to the end of a long flexible rod, which is then snaked into the drain or pipe. A high-definition camera lens and additional lighting allow you to see the image clearly on a display.

The main benefits of video pipeline inspection are that it gives plumbers laser-point accuracy for finding the problems in your line. In the days of old, plumbers had to use trial-and-error methods to find the leak or clog in your line; imagine how many holes in your yard it required just to find a leak. Now, you and the plumber save time and money by eliminating all the guesswork.


Hydro-jetting is great because it’s simple and highly effective. It’s nothing more than a hose that shoots highly pressurized water, but even the most stubborn clogs cannot resist the pure brute-force. When it comes to drain cleaning in Phoenix, AZ, nothing beats hydro-jetting.

Best of all, since hydro-jetting only uses water, it’s extremely natural and clean. Forget drain cleaners; those concoctions are slow-acting, full of chemicals, and horrible for your pipes (despite what the commercials for these products try to tell you). Drain cleaners gradually eat away at a clog to break it down, but hydro-jetting will take that same clog and blast it away in seconds. You just can’t beat that.

Water Treatment, Filtration, and Softening

This has to be the only plumbing tech out there that actively defends you and your family. Any water that comes into your home must go through this filter, first. Instead of relying on the city to provide clean water (which, for some cities featured in the news, is not a wise decision), the type of filter you install will do it for you. There are different filters and treatments systems for different kinds of contaminants, so it’s wise to have a plumber take water samples before deciding which system to install.

However, it’s not just about “clean” and “dirty” water. Although that’s a big part of why you’d want a filter, you also should consider factors like hard water. “Hard” water carries minerals that don’t dissolve, like magnesium and calcium. Arizona is one of the states in the nation with the highest concentrations of hard water, so you’ve undoubtedly seen the white, chalky buildup of limescale around your faucets. If you see limescale in these places, then there’s even more of it inside your pipes, and the only way to fix it is by replacing the pipes. The best way to remove hard water from the equation is with a water softener.

If you have a plumbing problem, only hire a plumber with the best tools. Contact The Trusted Plumber today!

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