People are taking extra precautions right now to prevent having emergencies strike their homes. That’s a good idea, but there is no way to prevent absolutely all of them. Plumbing problems are one type of emergency that can’t wait—when you’ve got troubles that could lead to flooding or sewage back-up, you have to have an emergency plumber in Scottsdale, AZ out to help you ASAP! You can trust to The Trusted Plumber for an emergency response to get these problems fixed.

Usually, we tell people that a plumbing emergency is anything they think may be a plumbing emergency. But it pays to be a bit more cautious right now, so we’re going to take a look at how to tell if you’ve got an emergency on your hands that needs an immediate response.

First, shut off the water

If the plumbing issue you’re experiencing is flooding or overflowing or something else related to the freshwater system, going to the phone to call for a plumber isn’t the first step. The first step is to shut off the water to the house and eliminate continued damage. Make sure you know where the shut-off valve is located in the house or on your property, and be ready to switch it off in an emergency. Now you’ll have more time to think about your next steps.

Do you have a sewage back-up?

If sewage is seeping into your house through floor drains or toilets or washing machines, you have a definite emergency. Not only will you lose use of all drains in the house, but you also have a major sanitary hazard—and it will take professionals to handle the repairs and the clean up.

Maybe the problem is municipal?

If you lose the water to your house, the issue could be with the plumbing on your property. But it might come from a municipal water supply issue. We recommend you call one of your neighbors to find out if they are experiencing a similar issue. If they are, call the utility company to find out when the issue will be resolved.

Use safe drain-unclogging techniques before calling for drain cleaning

A clogged drain can be a serious problem if it affects your day-to-day routines. Before you call plumbers to clean a clogged drain, try to unclog it yourself used safe methods. First, use a sink or toilet plunger to see if this removes the problem. You can then use a hand-cranked drain snake. Either may only provide temporary solutions, so if the clog soon returns, it’s best to schedule plumbing service. Do not use chemical drain cleaners! That’s one of the unsafe methods, and you may end up creating worse problems. If you can plunge it or drain snake it, reach out to the professionals.

Call us if you’re in doubt

If you can’t determine whether the problem you have is an emergency, please call us. You can describe the problem you’re experiencing, and our plumbers can assess how serious it is and when you’ll need to have professional assistance. They can give you advice for what you can do in the meantime to mitigate potential damage.

The Trusted Plumber serves Glendale, AZ and the surrounding areas. Call us when you need emergency service for your plumbing.

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