drain-cleaning-servicesClogged drains are a common problem in most homes, and sooner or later you’re likely to run into one. They can be caused by a number of issues, but mostly it stems from tossing something down the drain that fails to clear your plumbing systems and instead remains stuck in the pipe. This most often appears in the kitchen drains, where food products such as hot fats and potato peelings can make for a nasty clog, and in the bathroom, where toothpaste, cleaning supplies and human hair can all create serious problems for your drains.

The usual solution is to buy a chemical drain cleaner at the grocery store, or perhaps a plumbing snake at the local home improvement center. In both cases, that can be a mistake. Store-bought solutions can’t provide the kind of thorough drain cleaning the professional plumbers can. Experience, training and high-end tools (along with the skills to use them) mean that calling in a pro is the best way to deal with drain cleaning the proper way.

Why Store-Bought Solutions Don’t Work

A store-bought solution like a cleanser or even a plumbing snake is designed to treat a lot of different types of clogs the same way. Whether it’s toothpaste, solidified grease, or just food build-up, the over-the-counter solution attacks it the same way. Snakes work mainly by punching a hole in the clog, while cleansers attempt to weaken the clog and allow it to be flushed down the drain.

In both cases, the solution tends to work only enough to restore the flow of water to the drain. Most of the time, they leave significant pieces of the clog in place, which means it will re-form again very quickly. That means you need to apply the same solution over and over again: wasting time and money, and often putting unnecessary strain on the pipes themselves.

What Plumbers Do Differently

In the case of drain cleaning, the key lies in the proper tools for the job: tools that address the specific nature of your clog and get it taken care of the right way. Most such tools require formal training to use properly and are prohibitively expensive for laymen (who likely won’t have cause to use it more than a handful of times at the most). Plumbers, however, use them on a regular basis, and with them, your drain can be cleared up the right way every time.

Such tools can include:

  • Video Pipe Inspection, which sends a tiny camera on a line down the pipe to determine the exact cause of the clog.
  • Hydro-Jetting: a powerful hose that fires pulses of water down the pipe to break it up without any harsh chemicals.
  • Motorized Snakes, which use rotating heads that give the plumber options to fit the tool to the nature of the clog, as well as motorized power to make sure it sticks.

If you have a clogged drain in your Glendale, AZ home, don’t trust store-bought solutions. Call The Trusted Plumber for quality drain cleaning service instead!

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