The plumbing system in your home carries out many of the tasks you rely on to get through your day. When you have a damaged pipe, you may not be able to shower, cook, or clean as you normally would. Besides, even the smallest of leaks and clogs can have serious consequences for your plumbing system, so you should call for plumbing repairs as soon as you notice any of the following signs of major problems with your pipes.

  • Water Spots in your Home or Yard: One of the most obvious ways to detect a leak in your pipes is visual detection. However, this may not always mean you’ll notice pools of water forming under the sinks. Water buildup in the yard or even increased vegetation may indicate a leak in the sewer or water lines. Or you may notice water spots in your home, perhaps accompanied by mold or mildew. This can seriously damage your home and affect your family’s health, so you should call for immediate repairs at the first sign of leaks.
  • Slow Drains: Another sign that there may be problems within your pipes is a slow drain. Slow drains are sometimes due to clogs that may be easily removed. However, slow drains may indicate damage to the plumbing vents that allow waste to move through your sewer system easily, or it may indicate a clog due to mineral deposits or other obstructions deep within your pipes.
  • Smells from the Drains: Foul odors may indicate a leak in the sewer line or that there is a clog inside of your pipes that slows the movement of wastewater.
  • Low Water Pressure: Your water supply is kept at a high pressure so that it can easily flow whenever a tap is turned on in your home. Low water pressure may mean that a leak or clog within the pipes has changed the pressure of the water.

Sometimes, even if you know the general location of the problem with your pipes, you cannot locate the exact source of the problem on your own. Luckily, a trained technician is equipped with the proper tools to spot leaks, clogs, buildup and other issues before they cause serious damage to your home. If you need plumbing service in Peoria, AZ, call the experts at The Trusted Plumber today!

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