Garbage disposals are great inventions, and go a long way towards making our cooking efforts easier. At times, it can almost seem as though they are a comprehensive solution, able to deal with any kind of food waste with ease. This is not the case, unfortunately. Garbage disposals are actually very vulnerable to issues, if not treated properly. If you want your garbage disposal to last as long as possible, take a look at some of these things that you should never expose it to.

Fibrous Materials

Here, we mean things like celery, onion skins or the like. Garbage disposal impellers are not usually sharp. They don’t cut food waste into smaller pieces, they just break them up. The problem is that food waste with a lot of fiber in it can actually tangle the impeller up, causing it to stop rotating and even making the motor overheat on occasion. Don’t put these kinds of foods down the disposal; throw them away instead.


This is perhaps the biggest culprit of disposal problems. FOG, also known as Fats, Oils and Grease, is commonly poured down the disposal after being used in cooking. FOG is usually in liquid form at the time it is poured into the disposal, but as it cools it very quickly congeals into a viscous, semi-solid material. This blocks up the pipes running from the disposal to the sewer line, as well as the impeller. If you want to really mess up your garbage disposal, putting large amounts of FOG down it is a great way to do it. Instead of putting these down the garbage disposal, freeze them into solids and throw them away in a sealed container.

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