plumber-sink-repairsPlumbing problems are an accepted part of life as a homeowner, and while most plumbing systems perform effectively with few issues, sooner or later, everyone will deal with a leak, a clog or a similar issue. Older appliances like water heaters periodically need to be replaced with new ones, and when pipes wear out or suffer damage, they can spread water to nearby part of your home. 

A number of homeowners pride themselves on being adept do-it-yourselfers, and the realities of owning a home mean you need to be willing to perform a little maintenance or even repairs yourself here and there. You can be tempted to try this with your plumbing system in the event of a leak, a clog or similar problem. In fact, however, you almost always benefit by calling in a professional plumber to handle the job, even if it’s seemingly minor. Anything that can’t be handled by a simple plunger or a tightened valve should be handed over to a professional plumber, who can deal with it the right way. Why? We’ve provided a short list of reasons below.


Whatever the issue is with your plumbing system, you have likely only faced it a handful of times before. Contrast that with an experienced plumber, who deals with such issues on a weekly basis and sometimes even more often than that. That means a professional can diagnose the problem with much more accuracy than a layman and can suggest a more effective solution to boot. The problem gets fixed more quickly and is much less likely to recur anytime in the near future: providing good value for the money.


Professional plumbing equipment is expensive, far more than the average homeowner can justify considering the comparative infrequency of repairs. And yet many problems require more than just a set of wrenches to address. But for professionals, such expensive equipment is used on a weekly basis — far more often than any homeowner — and can be swiftly deployed to treat any issue you have with maximum efficiency. That allows for a more thorough solution to the problem, and costs you far less than renting or purchasing such equipment yourself would (to say nothing of plumbers’ skill and familiarity with the equipment in question).

Safety and Stability

If you attempt plumbing repairs yourself and something goes wrong, you’re on the hook for any additional damage that’s incurred. In the worst cases, it can even result in injury to yourself. But a professional plumbing service is licensed and bonded, which covers the cost of damages in the vent the unexpected happens. And quality plumbers will offer estimates on the cost up front, before any repairs take place, so you know exactly what the price will be and no unexpected surprises will crop up midway through the process.

Here at The Trusted Plumber, we provide safe and reliable plumbing services of all varieties in the Gilbert, AZ area. If you detect a problem with your plumbing, shut off the water and call us today!

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