pipe-lime-scalePlumbing systems have been with us since the beginning of civilization, and in some ways, they work the same way today that they did in ancient Rome. Plumbers, too still need old-fashioned tools like wrenches and hammers, along with a proper work ethic to get the job done. But technology doesn’t sit in a vacuum, and plumbing has moved well past those simple tools we used to use 50 or 60 years ago. New tools and technique can help plumbers in countless different ways, and that translates to more effective repair techniques that cost you much less to implement.

Among the innovations that might have been inconceivable just a few short years ago is video pipe inspection, which has rapidly become a staple in modern plumbing. It arms the plumber with accurate information that no technology before it could have, and in turn makes dealing with leaks and clogs far easier.

Pipes Can be Hard to Reach

Chances are, you never see the vast bulk of your plumbing system beyond the outlets and fixtures in your home. No one wants to look at plumbing pipes, and placing such pipes out in the open runs the risk of damaging them. Hence, they’re usually hidden behind the walls and floorboards of the home: out of sight and out of mind.

There’s just one snag to that equation: when leaks spring up or there’s a clog in the pipes, it can be very difficult to determine exactly where the problem lies. Some leaks can be small and hard to spot, which others can be caused by widespread corrosion in the pipes that can’t be seen from just one leak. Clogs are even worse. No one can credibly determine what a given clog may be composed of, which means struggling to clear it in some cases.

In the past, the plumber would employ a generic solution (such as a motorized snake) and hope for the best. In some cases, it required a bit of a fishing expedition as the plumber used educated guesswork to pinpoint the spot of the problem.

Video Inspection to the Rescue

Video pipe inspection changed all of that, and if you look at it logically, it’s not hard to see why. Your cell phone likely has a camera and light, smaller than your fingernail, which you can still use to take great pictures and shoot videos instantly no matter where you are. video pipe inspection takes the same concept to pinpoint the problems inside pipes. A tiny camera and light can be sent down the pipes, connected to a tablet or similar monitor that the plumber can use to see what’s inside the pipe. That provides fantastic accuracy very quickly: ensuring that the plumber knows exactly where the problem is and exactly what will be required to fix it. The problem can be corrected much more quickly and inexpensively as a result, getting your system back up to speed without delay.

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