pipe-decay“Wait, what’s wrong with my plumbing?”

The answer might be that your household plumbing in Peoria, AZ is old and outdated. People tend to think of plumbing as made up of invulnerable metals, but of course, there is no such thing as invulnerable metal. Plumbing wears down over time, and if you live in a house that’s more than two decades old, you probably need to make some upgrades to the pipes and fixtures so your home has the most modern plumbing available.

A professional plumber is your best friend when it comes to plumbing modernization. You can’t do these jobs on your own, and a licensed plumber can locate all the places where your household plumbing will benefit from upgrades.

The Piping

This is the part of your plumbing that is usually in most need of an upgrade. The materials used in plumbing today are much different than those used in the previous century. When you call a plumber to modernize your home’s plumbing, the pipes are the first thing the plumber will examine.

For a home built before 1970, whole house repiping may be necessary. If your house relies mostly on cast-iron and galvanized steel pipes, those need to come out and be replaced with CPVC piping and copper piping. For homes built later, partial repiping is helpful—the plumber will locate pipes that are deteriorating or are made from outdated material (such as polybutylene) so they can be replaced.

Whole-house repiping is a big job, but the difference it will make in your home is tremendous. You can trust our plumbers to have this work done as fast and unobtrusively as possible.

The Water Heater

The water heater is an essential part of the plumbing that people often forget until it gets so old it creates major trouble. We recommend looking into a replacement water heater if your current unit is more than 20 years old. A new water heater will boost energy efficiency, provide a larger supply of hot water, and work reliably. If you want to upgrade your water heater to the finest in modern technology, you can choose a tankless water heater, heat pump water heater, or hybrid water heater. Ask our technicians about the different possibilities.

Low-Flow Fixtures

So many plumbing fixtures of yesteryear used more water than necessary, draining money and hurting the environment. Replacing these antiquated fixtures with the best in low-flow modern technology will create an immediate reduction in water usage and help your house go green. There are many different low-flow fixtures to consider. We recommend low-flow toilets, which can drop an old toilet’s water usage of 6 gallons per flush to less than 2 gallons per flush. There are also low-flow showerheads and low-flow sink faucets, and a number of energy-efficient appliances such as dishwashers and laundry machines.

Trust the Trusted Plumber

You can count on our plumbers to do all the modernizing work necessary. We’ll see that your home is up to code and your family enjoys trouble-free performance from the plumbing.

The Trusted Plumber can help bring your plumbing into 2020! Schedule service with us today.

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