To the untrained eye, everything that goes wrong with your plumbing could look like an emergency. Fortunately, that’s not the case. Though you should always call a plumber as soon as you notice something wrong with your plumbing, there are a few cases where you need a professional to address the problem now. Let’s take a look at which specific situations count as a plumbing emergency.

Ruptured Pipes

Though most of the pipes in use today are designed to last more than 100 years, there are still plenty of ways that they can fail before then. Untreated corrosion is often the cause of all sorts of problems, including ruptured pipes. One of the warning signs of advanced corrosion is discoloration in your water, often brown or red. If you don’t manage to catch the problem in time, however, a ruptured pipe definitely qualifies as a plumbing emergency. You’ll want to turn off your home’s water line before the rupture can cause too much water damage to the surrounding area. After that, just sit tight and wait for the plumber to arrive.

Overflowing Toilet

As with most plumbing emergencies, the real danger with an overflowing toilet is the water damage that is can inflict on the area around it. If your toilet is threatening to overflow, the first thing you need to do is find the water shutoff valve. The shutoff valve can usually be found where the water supply line meets the wall. It can also be located somewhere on the base of the toilet itself. Once you find and shut the water valve, get a mop or a towel and clean up any water that did overflow. Then, call a plumber and wait for them to examine it. Depending on how full the toilet is, we don’t recommend trying to unclog it yourself. Doing so might just spill more water all over the place.

Wall Damage

If you notice mold growth, loose wallpaper, or actual moisture on a wall of your house, it means that you might have a leak in one of the pipes in that area. Often, a wall leak has to continue for quite some time before the wall shows any signs of damage. As such, you will have to move fast to take care of it before it causes further issues. Again, you should shut off your water and call a plumber as soon as you notice these signs.

If you think you may have a plumbing emergency, call The Trusted Plumber and schedule an appointment. We provide emergency plumbing services in the Phoenix area.

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