drain-cleaning-diagramWhen you’re looking for drain cleaning in Phoenix, The Trusted Plumber is your best bet. And if you’re not sure if you’re due for a drain cleaning, we can help you figure it out. It’s simpler than you think.

Here are the best times to get a drain cleaning:

As Part of Annual Maintenance

Many would say to get drain cleaning only when needed (such as when experiencing one of the below symptoms). However, we believe that having your drain cleaning done annually is a good preventive practice. You can have it done at the same time as your general plumbing maintenance.

Unclogging a drain is merely treating the symptom. The bigger problem is the dirty drain. A proper drain cleaning scrubs the walls of the pipe so that a clog won’t form again anytime soon.

When It Smells Bad

If your drain has begun smelling like sewage or rotten eggs, it’s time to get a drain cleaning. This is most likely due to the growth of bacteria inside the drain. It could also be the smell of sewer gasses escaping and making their way out of the drain hole. Either way, neglecting to clean a smelly drain can introduce some health hazards into your home.

Do make sure, however, that what you’re smelling isn’t just a dirty drain cover. This can easily be removed and washed without the help of a plumber.

When the Drains are Draining Slow

In other words, right before the clog happens.

A dirty drain that has begun forming the surface of a clog will start taking longer to drain. You probably won’t notice it at first, but soon enough, you’ll notice that you’re waiting longer and longer for all the soap bubbles to go down the bathtub or sink drain.

It might start as nothing more than an inconvenience, but it can get bad enough that the water sits for hours (all the while leaving marks that you’ll need to rinse off again later).

We suggest scheduling your drain cleaning as soon as you come across this symptom, that way you can have it taken care of before it becomes an emergency.

When the Drain is Clogged

We probably don’t have to tell you that you need a drain cleaning if your drain is clogged. Instead, what we can do is give you a few tips on how to deal with it:

  • Avoid Chemicals: If a plumber ever uses chemical drain cleaners on your drain, you can rest assured they’re doing it for a good reason and know the intended outcome. The typical drain cleaners under your sink, however, are usually terrible for your drains. Sure, they do eat away at the clog, but they’ll eat away at your pipes, too!
  • No DIY Recipes: Likewise, do skip over any remedies you read about online. Not only can the internet not be trusted, but you won’t really be doing a thorough

When a professional plumber arrives at your home, they’ll use a combination of hydro-jetting and, if necessary, a drain snake to work out the clogs and give your pipes a thorough cleaning. Anything less than that isn’t really drain cleaning!

Contact The Trusted Plumber today to schedule your drain cleaning.

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