Leaking-PipeLeaky pipes are more common than people often think. In fact, your home may have multiple small leaks right now that you’re not aware of. If you think your water usage is higher than it should be, that’s often a warning of these disguised leaks.

But some leaks are obvious, such as when water starts to spray out through the wall or from a fixture. You’ll need plumbing repair in Peoria, AZ from our licensed plumbers to fix these problems. Don’t wait! Although you can shut off the water main to prevent further damage from a pipe leak, you want the issue fixed as soon as possible to stop further damage, as well as to get your water flowing again.

But Why Do I Even Have Leaks in the First Place?

There are a number of reasons for pipe leaks, and not all are under your control. This is why it’s a good idea to stay vigilant for any signs of leaking. Below are the most common sources for leaking in your plumbing.

  • Corrosion: Corrosion affects most metals, given enough time. If your home still has cast iron or galvanized steel pipes in the plumbing, there’s a good chance corrosion has already taken hold somewhere. However, copper pipes can corrode as well. Copper is corrosion-resistant, not corrosion-proof. A specific type of corrosion caused by reaction with chemicals found in the air of many households can create pinhole leaks across copper lines.
  • High water pressure: No one likes low water pressure, but the opposite is just as bad. Leaks that start and stop at different times of the day, depending on how many taps are in use, are often a warning that high water pressure is at fault. High water pressure can damage your plumbing in other ways, so it’s best to get it under control with the help of a professional plumber. We can install a pressure regulator to reduce the pressure of the water entering your house.
  • Worn parts: Washers and joints in pipes often wear down before the rest of the pipe does, leading to small leaks. This is the most common cause for the dripping faucet.
  • Cracks: Yes, cracks can form in your pipes over time. People often associate this with burst pipes from freezing—not a problem we have in Arizona—but age and water pressure can cause cracks to start to appear along pipe surfaces. And where you notice one cracked pipe, there are probably more in the house. You’ll want professional plumbers on the job right away.

Our plumbers can take care of not only fixing the leaks in your house, but also tracking down ones hidden behind walls and in ceilings. If you have extremely old plumbing (iron or steel pipes), we strongly recommend you have partial or whole-house repiping done. It will save you many headaches and possibly severe water damage in the future. We’ll put in new copper and plastic pipes to give your plumbing system a second lease on life.

The Trusted Plumber is here to help with your plumbing repair needs. Call us anytime—we have emergency service available.

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