You’ve never had a plumbing inspection!?

The Trusted Plumber is not your average plumbing company.  Sure, we’re here to help if you come home and find water all over the floor.  We are the ones to call if you wake up and find no hot water in your shower.  We can even take care of that tiny drip from the kitchen faucet. What makes us different? We believe strongly that most of those major and minor plumbing events can be avoided easily through a regular inspection and preventative maintenance.  A thorough plumbing inspection can identify high priority issues, things that aren’t such an emergency but need attention, and things that may help you enjoy your home more, like a water saving fixture or whole home filtration.  The plumbing industry is evolving.  Even though plumbing has been around for thousands of years, technology has brought us new ways to save money,  save water, protect your home, and give you more options than ever before to use your water for cleaning and drinking.


What is involved in a plumbing inspection?

The Trusted Plumber does more than a thorough inspection.  We go above and beyond the expected.  It starts at the water main with a check to make sure the water can be shut off in case of an emergency.  We check the pressure  and have a walk around the exterior, checking hose bibs and looking for wet ground where there could be an underground leak. Inside, if the water heater can be flushed, we drain and analyze the water from the tank.  We also check gas, water, and electrical connections to verify everything is safe.  In the bathrooms each toilet is flushed and checked for leaks and function.  If possible, we turn each angle stop off, then back on, so they don’t become stuck or unable to turn from calcium buildup when they would be needed during an emergency.  The showers or tubs are turned on so we can observe their function and make sure they drain properly.  At the laundry room, we inspect the hoses for cracking or abrasion.  The valves are turned off then back on if they aren’t corroded.  The drain is tested with water to make sure the flow is correct.  In the kitchen we check disposal operation and make sure the dishwasher drains properly.  If we find issues we may run a small camera inside to see if there is an obstruction.  The kitchen aerator is removed and checked for calcium then cleaned and replaced.  An enzyme cleaner is put down the disposal to help remove any left over food and clean the drain out a bit.  Finally we check the water for chlorine, PH, and hardness.  At the end we give a detailed report on everything we find and create priorities for each item in need of attention.

If your just focusing on maintenance, how do you make enough money to stay in business?

The Trusted Plumber believes that when we take care of our customers minor needs, they will want us for their major needs too.  With the service and prices we have in place, our customers are the happiest in town.  Referrals are a huge part of our business and also increase that list of people that call us because they know they get the service they want at a price that is fair.  When we  help someone out of a major problem they often join our maintenance program so we can help them begin a program to avoid any more costly repairs.  The way we treat our customers is actually not something new…it’s just been forgotten so long it seems new.  Forty to sixty years ago companies treated their customers with respect and tried to give them good advice. The Trusted Plumber knows people miss those old fashioned principles and we want to be the start of bringing it back!


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