There are a wide variety of plumbing problems, some worse than others. One of the absolute worst, though, is a ruptured pipe. Having a pipe burst on you can cause hundreds or even thousands of water damage, as water pours into the surrounding area. These are never pleasant to experience, and they’re stressful enough without you running all over the place trying to shut off the water. That’s why you should install an automatic shutoff valve. Read on to find out more about automatic shutoff valves, and the benefits of installing one.

What is an Automatic Shutoff Valve?

An automatic shutoff valve is a device installed in on your water line. The valve monitors the pressure in the plumbing system at all times. When a sudden change in pressure is detected, typically when a pipe bursts, the shutoff valve automatically turns off the water.

The Benefits of an Automatic Shutoff Valve

You may think that this kind of appliance is unnecessary. You know where the manual shutoff valve for your water line is anyway, right? That may be true, but consider this: getting to that valve takes time. If your valve is located outside of the house, that means you’ll have to drop whatever you’re doing and rush outside to shut off the water before too much damage is done. Even then, you’ll likely have some water damage before you can shut off the water. Now, think about what might happen if a pipe bursts while you’re out of the house, like on vacation. You could come home to an immense water bill and a flooded house, and no one wants to end a vacation like that. An automatic shutoff valve immediately prevents the burst pipe from causing damage, even if you’re preoccupied or absent.

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