Are you aware that it’s illegal for any person but a licensed professional to work on a gas line? As one of the primary heating fuels used in homes throughout Paradise Valley, AZ and beyond, gas is cheap, abundant, and very good at generating a large amount of heat. However if you try to repair a gas line yourself, you are doing more than breaking the law. You are putting yourself, your home, and your family in danger.

When Do You Need Gas Line Work?

Although gas lines are built very sturdily, they can and do still occasionally develop leaks or breaks. This happens most often when the line was improperly installed. For example if it was placed too close to a water line, water leaks or condensation build-up could cause the line to rust, weakening the metal unit until a gas leak starts.

Your gas line could also need repair when there’s been a blockage or leak somewhere nearby, as this could lead to serious problems for the surrounding areas. Additionally, your own equipment may be aging, requiring new pipes. In cases such as this, the gas line often needs to be unearthed to reach the area of line that requires repair.

Trust the Professionals

It’s no secret that there’s been a “do-it-yourself” revolution in recent years. This is extremely beneficial for things like minor repairs and remodeling projects. However when it comes to dealing with natural gas, the smartest thing you can do is trust the professionals. Natural gas is extremely combustible, and can be very dangerous to work with if you don’t know what you’re doing. Call a professional not only for peace of mind, but for your own safety.

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