ruptured-pipeLeaks are a common problem in any home, and sooner or later your plumbing system is going to develop one. That process can be accelerated by factors such as hard water – the presence of minerals such as calcium and magnesium in your water – which is very common in our neck of the woods. (Hard water is harmless to drink, but can lead to the corrosion of plumbing pipes and cause leaks over time.) It’s one thing if you spot the signs of a leak early, such as noticing when water comes spilling across your bathroom floor. But most of the pipes in your home lie hidden under the floors or behind walls, and a seemingly minor leak can go for weeks or even months without being detected. In that time, they can cause considerable damage.

There’s a good solution to the problem however. An automatic shut-off valve can seal up your pipes in the event of a leak: containing the damage and alerting you to the nature of the problem in one fell swoop. A trained plumber can install an automatic shut-off valve in your home, then keep it maintained and working as part of regular servicing.

Why Is It Needed?

Every home has a main shut-off valve for the water, allowing you to cut off the water supply for the entire home. Every family member should know where it is and how to use it in the event of a leak or similar problem with your plumbing.

The problem is that not everyone can remember such details in the midst of a crisis. And leaks don’t always pick times when you’re home and awake to make themselves known. If you’re asleep, at work or on vacation when a leak arises, the damage can be severe. In the case of quiet leaks in out-of-the-way spots like behind the walls, it can be weeks or even months before you realize how much damage has been inflicted, turning a relatively inexpensive plumber problem into a very serious issue for your household.

How Does It Work?

An automatic shut-off valve works by applying principles of pressure to the problem. Water pressure is usually regulated in your system, which helps the water flow through the pipes. A leak of any kind in the system means a change in pressure as water and air leak out of the opening.

An automatic shut-offer valve is triggered by sensors that detect those changes in pressure. When they do, the valve simply snaps closed, preventing the flow of water from moving through the damaged pipe. The mild inconvenience at being denied water also alerts you to trouble, as well as preventing damage from spreading. It works even when you’re not awake or are gone from the home on vacation: helping keeping your home safe from the unexpected day and night.

If an automatic shut-off valve sounds like a good option for the plumbing in your Phoenix, AZ home, call the pros at The Trusted Plumber today to get the job done right.

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