Plumbing and sewer problems can be incredibly frustrating to deal with, both because they’re quite damaging and quite subtle. It can be very difficult to detect a problem with these systems before they have done the bulk of their damage. However, there are some signs you can look for that can help you catch issues early. Read on for some of the signs that your sewer line is in need of professional repairs.

Foul Pools

For most homeowners, their sewer line runs under their front or back yards. So, when a problem like a leak develops in the sewer line, the water will rise up through the soil and start forming pools in the yard. If your yard had mysterious pools of disgusting water that seem to be appearing out of nowhere, it’s a good indication that you have a leak in your sewer line.

Frequent Backups

The sewer line is the line that transports all of the waste from your home’s plumbing system out to either the septic tank or the sewer main. So, if a lot of waste is allowed to buildup in that sewer line, you’re going to start noticing the effects in your own home. If you have frequent clogs and backups occurring throughout the house, you probably have a blockage of some kind in your sewer line.

Bad Smells

If the sewer line in your home becomes clogged, it can force sewer gasses back up through the plumbing system and out of your drains. If you have gross smells coming out of the drains in your home, it may be because of a problem in the sewer system. You should call a plumber right away if you notice this.

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