One of the biggest problems with maintaining your plumbing and sewer system is how difficult it is to detect issues with the system. Since much of the plumbing and sewer systems are hidden from view, homeowners tend not to notice problems with them until they’ve already inflicted severe damage. Even if you wanted to take a preventive look at your pipes, until recently the only way you could do that was by excavating and physically examining the pipes. Fortunately, that is no longer the case. If you want to catch these problems early, and thus mitigate any damage, you should schedule video pipe inspection at least once a year. Let’s take a look at video pipe inspection, and why it’s so important.

Video Pipe Inspection

Video pipe inspection involves inserting a long cable into the pipe, with a camera at the end of it. The camera travels through your plumbing and sewer system on a pair of motorized wheels, sending live video feed back to the plumber controlling it. This allows your plumber to closely inspect your plumbing and sewer systems without having to dig up the pipes. If any problems are found, the plumber will know exactly where the problem is so that it can be treated.

If at all possible, you should schedule video pipe inspection at least once a year. As mentioned above, most plumbing and sewer problems will not give any sort of warning sign or symptom before they’ve already caused quite a bit of damage. The only way to make sure that these problems are caught early is to regularly check for them. Pick a time and schedule video pipe inspection at least once a year in order to maintain proper protection.

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