Gas Line Repair Is for Professionals Only

Monday, July 8th, 2019

natural-burnersYou may think of plumbers as only working on the pipes that carry freshwater or wastewater around a house, as well as the appliances and drains connected to those pipes. But plumbers can take on jobs with another type of piping in a house—the pipes carrying natural gas to appliances such as the heating system, the oven, the stove, or even the laundry machine.

Not all plumbing contractors handle work on gas lines to install, replace, and repair them. For a plumber in Sun City, AZ  who’s licensed to work with gas lines, just call our number. We can see to all your needs for gas line services in the area. (more…)

Why You Should Never Do Your Own Gas Line Work

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

Are you aware that it’s illegal for any person but a licensed professional to work on a gas line? As one of the primary heating fuels used in homes throughout Paradise Valley, AZ and beyond, gas is cheap, abundant, and very good at generating a large amount of heat. However if you try to repair a gas line yourself, you are doing more than breaking the law. You are putting yourself, your home, and your family in danger. (more…)