The NEACA (National Appliance Energy Conservation Act) is a piece of legislation that governs the energy efficiency of certain home appliances. One of those appliances is water heaters. That means that as of April of this year, new standards for water heaters are in effect. Every new water heater installation will have to conform to these new standards, and that means that they’re going to impact you at some point. We’ve outlined some of the ways that the NEACA standards will affect your new water heater installation below. Read on to find out what information you need to know.


Because the new standards mandate that more energy efficient water heaters be the only new ones installed, the cost of a new water heater is probably going to be higher than it used to be. The rise in costs will vary, depending on your individual situation. One aspect of this that you absolutely need to be aware of, however, is that some warranty replacements may be voided by this act. Be sure to check your warranty, and make sure that you’re still covered under the new standards. You don’t want to be surprised by new costs when you’re not expecting them.


A lot of the more energy efficient water heaters are drastically different in terms of construction and size. That means that you probably should have a professional take a look at your home again, and determine a new sizing recommendation for your water heater. You don’t want to have a brand new water heater installed, only to find out that it’s too large or not large enough.

If you have any questions about the new NEACA standards, call The Trusted Plumber. We provide comprehensive water heater services throughout Phoenix, AZ.

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