As one of your major appliances, the water heater is responsible for much of the comfort of your home. While we all take hot water and automatic dish and clothes washing for granted these days, it’s important to realize where that essential amenity comes from. All water heaters will experience problems from time to time, even those that have meticulously maintained. Keep an eye out for the following 3 signs that you might have a water heater problem:

1. Not Enough Hot Water

Everyone loves a nice cold shower, right? Bathing and showering are two of the activities that rely upon hot water, and so you’ll probably notice a problem in the bathroom first. If it’s a relatively minor and gradual loss of hot water, and your system is relatively new, then you probably just need a flush or tune-up. But if your system is over 10 years old, and you’re losing hot water capacity as a steady clip, then you might be looking at replacement.

2. Strange Noise from Your Water Heater

Your water heater does not boil water. Obviously, that would be extremely dangerous to you and your family. So, if it sounds like it’s “boiling”, then it needs to be serviced. That sound is often related to excessive sediment built-up inside the tank. If there are other apparently inexplicable sounds, or it sounds as though your water heater is turning on and off, then have it checked out.

3. Rise in Bills

Another common problem related to water heaters is an unexpected increase in the cost of producing hot water. Because it accounts for such a large proportion of your gas and/or electricity expenses, you’ll want to make sure to keep an eye out for any sudden increases.

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