water-heater-repairWater heaters are designed to do their jobs quietly and without a lot of fuss. That provides a lot of benefits – and tank water heaters and eminently reliable – but it also offers a serious drawback. When trouble does rise, it can be very hard to spot. Most water heaters are located in the basement or similar out-of-the-way locations, and as long as they continue to deliver hot water, you probably don’t think of them very often.

As a result, problems can get quite extensive, and if you’re not careful, they can force you to replace the entire water heater by the time you notice that something is wrong. Luckily, a trained plumber can help you get ahead of such problems with timely maintenance, and you yourself can perform certain tasks periodically to give you a leg up on the kinds of issues that can result in serious water heater damage.

Enter the Anode Rod

The anode rod is just a rod placed in the water tank. It’s usually made of magnesium or some similar element, and has the effect of protecting the sides of the water tank from rust. The magnesium tends to corrode and rust fast than the other components, which serves as a kind of “draw” to the components that cause rust. When the anode rod is in place, the sides of your water tank will not corrode and you won’t have to worry about any of the significant problems that accompany rust (such as a breached tank or flakes of rust in your faucet water).

It Needs Changing

Anode rides are designed to wear out, and you need to replace yours ever two or three years if you want to keep the rust at bay. But it can be easy to forget about that during the hustle and bustle of daily life. By the time you realize it needs to be changed, it could be too late, and once rust appears on the sides of your water tank, you may need to replace the entire water heater.

The good news is that changing them out is fairly easy, and you can find replacement anode rods at any hardware store. The bad news is that remembering to do so can be difficult, and the impact it may have on your system if you don’t wil be significant.

That’s one of the reasons why an annual maintenance session for your water heater makes so much sense. A trained professional can check the anode rod and replace it if it needs it, ensuring that the system does what it’s supposed to do and your water tank remains free of rust.

Extend that to the entire maintenance process and you’ll begin to see the appeal. The technician can handle issues lie sediment in the tank, clogged burners, and countless other little problems that can add up to great big ones if you let them.

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