tankless-water-heaterA tankless water heater is a highly energy efficient way to supply your home with ample hot water. Have you ever seen one in action? It’s a sight to behold, and it’s easy on the wallet, too.

Whether you’re in the market for a new water heater because yours has died, or you’re outfitting your new building, and you’re exploring options, make sure hire a pro plumber (like those on our team) to ensure it’s a job well done. Read on to learn more!

How Does It Work?

To understand a tankless water heater, it’s worth taking a look at a traditional (tank) water heater. Cold water enters the tank and is heated by coils at the bottom of the tank according to a thermostat, which you or your plumber will set. (Remember: you don’t want it too hot!)  Because the water sits in a tank, it must be kept at a specified temperature at all times, so that it’s available whenever you need it to be.

A tankless water heater operates according to demand. It’s not storing water, but creating hot water when you call for it. Instead of a large cylindrical tank, it’s a compact rectangular box that attaches to a wall and heats cold water via highly efficient copper coils. It can be either gas or electric, but gas models tend to be more powerful.

Why You Need One

There are many reasons to opt for a tankless over a tank model. Let’s outline just a few:

  • You want to save energy. As we already mentioned, a tankless water heater is far more energy efficient than a tank model (though increasingly, tank models offer excellent efficiency). Because it doesn’t have to keep dozens of gallons at a constant temperature, this often pays off. They tend to be 8% – 14% more energy efficient than traditional models, which could amount to more than $100 each year.
  • You want a more energy-efficient home. Every little bit counts. If you’re outfitting your home to be more energy efficient, consider the water that you’re using. While there are other ways to conserve water, a tankless system is a good start.
  • You need a booster or have a remote bathroom. If you’ve renovated recently, or you have a big laundry room, installing a tankless system to operate closeby may be more energy efficient in the long-term than installing an additional tank system. REach out to a pro plumber to discuss your options.

When to Stick with Traditional

If your home is very large or you anticipate high volume use simultaneously at multiple outlets, then you may want to opt for a high-efficiency traditional tank model. In some cases, such use can overwhelm tankless systems. But that said, you can always string multiple units together so that you can maintain high efficiency, while still powering various outlets in the home.

Whatever you decide, make sure you trust a professional to get the job done right! 

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