So, hopefully you’ve been treating your water heater with as much care as possible for as long as you’ve had it. Annual preventive maintenance, prompt repairs, and the like are all vital parts of keeping your system in good shape for as long as possible. Even if you have done everything right over the years, though, you know that there will come a time when you just have to replace the system. Sometimes, it’s simply old age that causes the system to eventually fail in its duties. More often, though, there’s a single identifiable problem that will either cost too much to fix, or can’t be fixed at all. It’s important that you be able to recognize when it’s time to install a new water heater in your home.


Any hydronic system is going to have to deal with leaks at some point or another. You should be especially wary of this with your water heater, though, because a leak in the wrong place can be catastrophic. In tank water heaters, for example, storage tank leaks can lead to full-on ruptures if not treated in time. That more or less destroys the system, as the cost of installing an entirely new water heater will often be more cost-effective than repairing or replacing the tank. Tankless water heaters can have the same problem, but with the heat exchanger rupturing instead.

Preventive maintenance can catch leaks early, and repair them in some cases. However, there are times when it’s just not possible or feasible to repair the leak. In times like those, you’re just going to have to replace the system. Make sure that you call for repairs as soon as you notice any leaks in your water heater system.

Lime Scale

Lime scale buildup is a very common problem in homes across the country, caused by water with a high amount of magnesium and calcium content. Lime scale mineral deposits can cause serious issues water heaters, including restricting the flow of water through heat exchangers and insulating storage tanks. If caught early enough, like during a preventive maintenance appointment, the lime scale can be removed fairly easily. If the scale is allowed to become quite advanced, though, it may become impossible to remove without actually causing damage to the system. If that happens, the only thing left to do is replace the system entirely.

Frequent Breakdowns

Whether because the system is old and worn out, or because of unique environmental factors, sometimes your water heater just seems prone to frequent breakdowns. Ideally, you shouldn’t have to repair your water heater more than once every few years. If you need to do it more often than that, it could indicate a more serious issue that requires eventual replacement. Have a professional examine your system to see if replacing the system would be better than constantly repairing it.

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