Have you ever been taking a shower, and been suddenly doused with an unexpected blast of cold water? If so, then you may have a problem with your water heater. Inconsistencies with water temperature are a common symptom of water heater issues. They can be repaired fairly easily by a professional. Before you call one, though, read on to find out why your water heater is having trouble consistently providing hot water.

The Dip Tube

The dip tube is a tube that runs from the water line to the bottom of the tank. All water that flows into the system will flow through the tube and come out near the bottom of the storage tank. There are a number of reasons that the dip tube is part of a water heater system. By letting all fresh water entering the system out near the bottom of the tank, the dip tube ensures that it will heat up faster. Water that enters at the bottom of the tank is also separated from the warm water leaving at the top. As the water is heated, it rises to the top of the tank.

Dip Tube Issues

The dip tube is liable to degrade over years of use, since it’s only made of PVC. As the dip tube degrades, it can become cracked or break off entirely. This causes cold water to enter at the top of the tank, mixing in with the hot water leaving the tank. The mix of water leaving the tank is why you will get occasional temperature swings.

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