It can be terribly frustrating to have your water heater fail to provide hot water consistently. No one likes receiving a sudden blast of cold water in the middle of a hot shower. This is a fairly common problem and, thankfully, is one that tends to have an easy solution. Read on to find out more about why your water may be switching back and forth between hot and cold.

The Dip Tube

Within the standard tank water heater, there’s a part called the dip tube. This tube is made of PVC, and runs from the water line to the bottom of the storage tank. All water that flows into the water heater does it by way of the dip tube. There are two reasons that the dip tube exists. First, it releases new water closest to the burner assembly, so that it can heat up faster. Second, it prevents the new, cold water from mixing with the hot water that is leaving the water heater tank. This is the most efficient way to consistently generate hot water for a tank water heater.

The Problem

If you’re getting intermittent bouts of cold water interspersed with an otherwise warm flow, it’s probably because the dip tube is either cracked or broken. This is often just the result of old age causing a lot of wear and tear on the part. If the dip tube is broken, cold water will start intermixing with the warm water leaving the water heater tank. This is what causes that rapid shift between hot and cold in your faucet. Once the dip tube is replaced, the problem should stop.

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