Maybe you’re in the market for a new water heater to be installed from scratch in your new house. Maybe you’re sick and tired of the frequent repairs that your old tank water heater requires. Whatever your reason for considering a new water heater, you’ll need to get in touch with a trained professional to ensure that your system functions exactly the way it ought to. There are plenty of systems on the market today and the heat pump water heater makes for an excellent addition to any home, particularly for those whose homeowners are interested in long-term savings and energy-efficient technology.

How It Works

As you know already, this type of water heater works like a heat pump in some way. Like a heat pump, it possesses coils that allow it to draw in ambient air surrounding the unit and use that to heat your hot water. It uses a similar, though simplified, process that also drives your heat pump or central air unit. Because it resides indoors, however, your heat pump water heater does not have to compete with extreme temperature fluctuations. In many other respects, it looks much like a conventional tank water heater, with a large reservoir to store your hot water at a constant temperature. It also has a backup heating coil in the event that it’s particularly cold inside the home, or you need an extra boost to keep your guests happy.

Benefits of Heat Pump Water Heater Technology

The primary reason for purchasing a heat pump water heater is to cut down on the amount of energy that your hot water needs require. Because this is one of the major monthly expenses in the home, it’s imperative that you do what you can. Over the course of its service life, a properly installed and serviced heat pump water heater can save you serious bucks.

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