underground-water-lineYour main water lines are everything. You need them to complete household chores, to clean your dishes, to use the shower, and, most of all, to have clean drinking water!

While a normal leak or clog can be troublesome, the water lines will affect your entire household. As soon as you notice any of the warning signs, it’s time to call an expert of water lines in Phoenix, AZ. Some of those signs include…

Increase in the Water Bill

The first thing you may notice is a sudden spike or gradual increase in your water bill.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean your water line is the problem, an increased water bill is a reliable indicator that your plumbing system has a problem. It also means that this problem has gone unnoticed for some length of time.

Regardless of what the problem turns out to be, it’s pertinent that you call for repairs as soon as possible to prevent wasting more money.

Water in the Street

If your water line bursts, the water that comes out will have to go somewhere. Often, that can be in the street.

However, this can become a difficult situation. If the section of the water line is outside your property, it’s most likely the responsibility of the city and not yours. But that interpretation depends on the city and state laws. Consult with a professional plumber for the best advice on how to proceed in a situation like this.

Damp Lawn

If it’s not the street that becomes flooded by a ruptured water line, then it might be your yard. If you notice any particularly damp and soggy sections of the lawn, a pipe may have burst just below the ground.

The Sound of Running Water

If you’re not using any plumbing appliances, yet you hear running water, this is a sign that there’s a leak or burst in your plumbing. Given that there’s a chance the affected pipe could be your main water line, you won’t want to hesitate to find out.

You can also confirm the presence of the leak with a simple test. After turning off all the water-using appliances in your home, you shouldn’t be able to hear any water at all. You can even triple-check by taking a look at the water meter. If the dial is still spinning, then it’s time to call a plumber.

Low Water Pressure

If you’re having low water pressure problems, you can use some deductive reasoning to find out if your main water line is suffering from a leak.

When a section of your plumbing develops a leak, the appliances connected to it can suffer from low water pressure. However, it will only affect the appliances that are connected to that pipe. Therefore, if you find that all of the appliances in your home are suffering from water pressure issues, it’s more likely that the problem lies with the water line itself.

If your main water line is showing signs of trouble, don’t wait! Contact The Trusted Plumber today and ask for our emergency services.


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