Sometimes, the water in your home contains chemicals or minerals that may be added to the water by your town’s water department, or the water may pick up contaminants from the ground. Some of the most common contaminants found in water form a condition known as hard water, for which a water softener is your best protection.

Hard water is a buildup of minerals, most often calcium and magnesium. These minerals may collect in your water supply as water travels through the ground. Hard water affects a majority of homes in the U.S., but, luckily, there are usually no health concerns associated with these minerals. However, hard water can do serious damage to your plumbing system without a water softener installed.

As hard water moves through the pipes, mineral deposits may gather on the insides. As deposits build up, you may notice reduced water pressure. But your water supply is kept pressurized, so when this drops you may have an imbalance within the pipes that causes them to leak or burst. This means you may have to make major repairs or replace some pipes entirely.

Furthermore, hard water can cause problems in your home. White mineral flakes form near faucets and showerheads. The minerals in hard water make it difficult for soap to lather, so you may have difficulty cleaning. Often, soap scum remains in washing machines, or residue coats the dishes in your dishwasher. And hard water may affect the large appliances in your home. This issue may cause dishwashers or clothes washing machines to become damaged beyond repair.

But there is a solution. A water softener is a device that uses a tank filled with sodium ions to replace the minerals with a less harmful substance. And while this will not damage your plumbing, some people may be sensitive to sodium, in which case a reverse osmosis system may be added to keep the sodium out of your drinking water.

If you decide you need a water softener in Scottsdale, AZ call one of the experts at The Trusted Plumber. We can give you more information about hard water and test your water for other contaminants. Give us a call today!

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