The water supply for cities and towns today must go through a rigorous treatment in order to remove bacteria, chemicals, and other unhealthy impurities. In fact, the requirements for water from municipal supplies is much higher than that for commercial bottled water, meaning that you are likely to receive healthier water from your tap than from an expensive bottle of what is advertised as “pure spring water.”

But, despite this purification process, the water that enters homes can still contain contaminants such as arsenic, magnesium, calcium, sulfur, heavy metals, pesticides, chlorine, and more. This is why it is a wise idea to arrange for water testing and the installation of whole-house water purifiers. You can call The Trusted Plumber to arrange for the water testing that will tell you what is in your home’s water supply in Scottsdale, AZ and the water treatment systems that will take care of the problem. We offer a wide variety of different treatment systems to target the various issues that might affect your home’s fresh water.

How do these impurities enter your water?

There are a number of sources for water contamination, and one of them is the water treatment plant itself. The chlorination process used to kill dangerous bacteria and microbes in water can result in higher levels of chlorine. Excess chlorine in water has been linked in studies to an increase in cancer and damage to the immune system. Activate charcoal filters are often an effective solution to high chlorine levels.

Most other contaminants enter the water through ground seepage. The water has a long distance to travel from the treatment plant until it reaches homes. Along this stretch, ground water can find its way into the pipes, and this water often contains minerals and chemicals that have seeped into the earth. This is how water picks up pesticides, heavy metals, arsenic, and the minerals that cause hard water (magnesium, calcium, gypsum). The pollutants that will find their way into your home will vary, but water testing will discover what they are as well as the filtration or purification system that will counteract them.

Bacteria and viruses can get into the water supply due to problems with sewage treatment and backflow. Discharge of sewage into lakes can also lead to dangerous microbes in ground seepage.

If all of this concerns you, you should contact The Trusted Plumber and speak to our water treatment experts. It’s a short and easy process to test your water, and afterwards we can recommend the ideal water treatment systems in Scottsdale, AZ to see that your household receives safe, clean water.

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