Today, people are more concerned than ever about the quality of the water in their homes. This explains the rise in the popularity of filtration pitchers and bottled water. However, neither of these is an effective solution for many of the issue that can lower the quality of the water in a home: filtration pitchers only filter out a few contaminants, and bottled water is expensive and usually less purified than the water that comes from the municipal system. Also, neither will benefit your plumbing, which can also suffer because of pollutants in the water.

The best way to have water you can trust is to call The Trusted Plumber. We specialize in water filtration systems in Phoenix, AZ, and offer many solutions for different types of contamination. Call us today to get started with healthier water for your family and your plumbing.

Finding the right filtration system

There are numerous types of water treatments systems available: absorbent filters, reverse osmosis systems, chemical feed pumps, water softeners, etc. How can you choose the right one?

It’s an easier job than you might think. All you have to do is contact water testing professionals. They will come to your home and take water samples from different taps. These samples then go to a lab, where they are run through a series of tests to discover issues such as acidity, alkalinity, hardness, and the presence of harmful chemicals and heavy metals. When the test results come back, you will know exactly what is in the water.

Your water quality professional can then get to the job of finding a water treatment system that will counteract the pollutants. If your water has excess magnesium and calcium, a water softener will take care of it. For pollutants like arsenic, an absorbent filter is often effective. For minute contaminants, few treatment systems will do a better job than a reverse osmosis filter.

Once you have determined the best filtration system, leave the installation job to the professionals. That way you will know that the treatment system is doing its job. Rely on the professionals for future maintenance service that will recharge and restore the filter as necessary.

The Trusted Plumber offers professional water testing as well as installation of a variety of water filtration systems in Phoenix, AZ. Get in touch with our technicians to schedule service.

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