water-treatment-systemsYour plumbing is arguably the most important component of your home: providing safe, clean water for drinking, cooking and bathing. Our civic water systems do a decent job of keeping our water clean and potable, but no system is perfect and problems do crop up from time to time. That comes on top of less impactful but still significant issues like hard water, which is a big problem in Arizona and can cause problems in your home.

You can’t stop issues from cropping up in the civic water system — stuff happens as the saying goes — but you can take steps to keep your system safe and your water clear. Water treatment systems installed in your pipes by a trained plumber provide an extra level of protection, as well as addressing issues that are specific to your home. The process is simple and straightforward: usually installing the water treatment system at the apex of your main water line. When it’s done, your water will be cleaner and tastier than it’s ever been. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the options available to you.

Water Testing

In some cases, you might not be sure what kinds of problems may be in your water supply, or even if there are any problems at all. In these cases, a good water testing service can pinpoint the issues and give you a solid road map to proceed. Water testing services are especially important if you get your home’s water from a private source such as a well, and should be conducted at least once a year to keep your water safe.

Water Softeners

Hard water is water with an excess of minerals in it: something we get a lot of in the Phoenix area. It’s not actively harmful — the minerals are usually calcium and magnesium, which our bodies can safely absorb — but it can make our water taste strange and metallic. It can also make our showers harsher, cause clothes in our laundry to fade and warp, and even damage the pipes and fixtures themselves. (If you’ve ever had to clean that crusty white build-up off of your shower head, you know exactly how much of a pain it can be.

Water softeners fix that by removing the minerals from your water. Showers and laundry cycles become gentler, your water tastes better, and you won’t have to stock up on cleansers to get rid of that build-up again.

Water Purifiers

Sometimes, you have a more pressing concern than just getting rid of hard water. bacteria, germs and similar contaminants can creep into the water supply, posing a health risk to your home. You may also have sensitive family members such as infants or the elderly in your home, and want your water to be as germ-free as possible. Water purifiers can accomplish this, whether it be a reserve osmosis system, a UV light or the like. (This is one of many reasons why you should trust a plumber to handle such issues: they can help you determine what kind of water purifier is best for you.

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