Homes that receive their water through a municipal source already have a strong line of defense against impurities and bacteria in the water: the water must go through a treatment plant before it is sent to homes. Although the water can still pick up contamination through ground seepage on its way to the taps and fixtures of homes, it at least starts out with the majority of the most harmful pollutants and minerals removed through chlorination and filtration.

But with water drawn from a private well, the situation is different. Where homes connected to a municipal water supply can often benefit from scheduling water testing and the installation of a water treatment system, both of these jobs are mandatory with well water, as we will explain.

If your home uses water taken from a well, call up The Trusted Plumber today for the necessary water purification in Phoenix, AZ that will keep you and your family safe from that health hazards that can enter private wells. We will also see that your plumbing is protected from the dangers of hard water and other minerals.

Well water purification

More than 15 million homes in the U.S. use private wells. These wells are not under the jurisdiction of the Environmental Protection Agency that oversees water purification for municipal supplies. This means that homeowners have no defense against any contamination that can enter a ground well—unless the homeowners arrange for the defenses themselves with well water purification.

The process starts with water testing that will determine what chemicals, minerals, and microbes are in the water. Testing should be done every year for wells in order to test for nitrates and coliform bacteria (a source of stomach problem), or any other new contaminant that may have seeped into the water supply. Other health issues that are common with well water are dissolved iron or manganese minerals, sulfates and sulfides (source of the infamous “rotten egg” odor), hard water minerals, and tannins from decaying vegetation.

There are solutions for each of these problems, but you need to rely on professionals to install them. The well water experts will test the water and then offer you advice on the water purifiers that will eliminate the pollutants.

The Trusted Plumber offers well water purification service in Phoenix, AZ. Call us today to arrange for testing (remember to schedule it every year!) and installation of the purifiers that will keep your family and plumbing safe.

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