water-softening-systemWe live in the desert, and that means that hard water is a common problem for most local households. Hard water isn’t necessarily threatening: it’s simply water with a higher mineral content the normal. Such minerals usually consist of calcium and magnesium, which the human body can absorb safely. Just because it isn’t dangerous, however, doesn’t mean it can’t impact your life in damaging ways. 

A water softening system makes an excellent solution for homes that suffer from excessive hard water. They can be easily installed in your home’s plumbing and are ready to go as soon as they’re in place. How do they work and what kinds of problems do they solve? Read on for the answers.

Problems Caused by Hard Water

The biggest — or at least the most prominent — issue caused by hard water is that gross crusty white build-up on your outlets and faucets. They can corrode your pipes and fixtures, as well as blocking off outlets when they become too prominent. You can buy cleansers at the store that will clear them off of bathroom surfaces and similar locations, but that can’t treat the problem inside the pipes. And those cleansers can get expensive when applied again and again: treating the symptoms but failing to address the underlying causes.

In addition, hard water can have a detrimental impact on your laundry. Clothing washed with hard water will suffer from fading colors earlier than they should, as well as wearing out and forcing you to purchase replacement clothing sooner than you should. That can affect your home’s budget more than you may think, as well as rendering your clothes dingy and less appealing.

Even your showers and baths can be impacted by hard water, leaving you with a red, raw feeling when you get done every time. And all of that comes on top of the odd metallic taste in your drinking water and foods prepared with them.

Water Softeners to the Rescue

You can purchase water softeners to use in your laundry and help your clothes stay bright longer. Why not apply the same principle to the whole house? A water softening system uses brine and resin beads to “swap” out calcium, magnesium and iron in the water for sodium. When placed at the apex of your home plumbing system, it can scrub all the incoming water clean: ensuring that every drop is free of the minerals that cause hard water.

As a result, your drinking water will taste better without that irritating metallic tang. Your showers will feel gentler as well and leave you feeling more refreshed, while clothing washed with softened water will suffer much less fading and damage over the long term. best of all, you won’t have to deal with that gross white residue anymore, and can save a little money on your grocery bill by leaving those chemical cleaners on the shelf.

If a water softening system sounds like a good fit for your Scottsdale, AZ home, call the friendly pros at The Trusted Plumber right away!

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