water-filtration-systemWe’re not trying to scare you, but there are probably a ton of things wrong with your water. Harmful minerals, pesticides, too much alkaline… All of it can affect your quality of life and your health.

It’s not that your municipal water isn’t good enough, but not every city filters water the same way, and that can leave a lot of room for error. What better way to end your concerns, then, by having all your water treated before it reaches your home?

Below, we’ve listed a few benefits to having a water treatment system that will seriously change your quality of life (and even save you money).

A water treatment system is your best option for improving your drinking water, but you’ll first need a thorough water test done by a plumber in Chandler, AZ. That will ensure that you’re getting the right system for the right reasons. That being said, here’s how a water treatment system can help:

Drink Cleaner Water

Can you be completely certain about the condition of your water? After all, you only have the municipal water treatments to rely on. Sometimes these are actually too effective and can leave excess chlorine or fluoride in your water.

But that doesn’t mean you’re powerless. A great way to end any of your concerns about water purity is simply to end the problem at the source with a water treatment system.

A reverse osmosis system will force any incoming water through a semi-permeable membrane, thus pushing out about 90%-95% of contaminants and pollutants.

Depending on what a water test says about your water, however, you might be better off with an absorption filter. Those that use carbon cartridges can selectively remove harmful contaminants while retaining the beneficial ones.

No More Bottled Water

Is there a corner of your home or a cabinet that’s devoted entirely to stacks of bottled water? You can reclaim that space if you take the plunge and install a water purifier.

On an environmental note, bottled water and their pesky caps happen to be one of the biggest pollutants. You can do away with both the health and environmental effects of plastic water bottles by simply not using or buying them.

It’s better for the environment, and your health, to start your day with a bottle of water purified straight from your own system.

Save on Future Plumbing Costs

Arizona is one of the states with the highest concentration of hard water. Although hard water isn’t harmful for your health (in fact, some people argue that it helps toward your daily required intake of magnesium and calcium), it can be a huge detriment to your plumbing system.

Hard water will wreak havoc on your plumbing, leaving behind mineral buildup in joints and bends in your pipes. After that, corrosion will soon follow, and it won’t be surprising if pipes all around your home gradually begin to leak.

Luckily, water softeners will help. They’re designed specifically to remove these minerals from your water before they can reach any of the pipes or appliances in your plumbing. A water softener is an investment that will save you thousands in future plumbing expenses.

When you need clean drinking water, there’s no one better to rely on than The Trusted Plumber. Contact us today for an estimate!

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