The term hard water sometimes confuses people. They may know that it isn’t something they want in their homes, and perhaps they also know that it can cause damage to plumbing and make it difficult to work up a good lather of soap. But what is actually in hard water that makes it different from regular “soft” water? We’ll take a look at the minerals that cause hard water in the post.

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The composition of hard water

The simple definition of hard water is that it is water with a high mineral content. Few of these minerals are harmful for humans to drink, but they will leave deposits on plumbing and cause serious damage to devices such as water heaters.

The major problematic minerals that make up hard water are calcium-containing minerals. The magnesium mineral dolomite is one of the minerals found most frequently in hard water. Dolomite is found in reservoir rocks, which is why it often enters the water supply for homes.

Two other common minerals that create hard water are calcite and gypsum, both of which have high levels of calcium that leaves the damaging deposits on the inside of plumbing. Calcite is often used in soil remediation, and will sometimes enter ground water. Gypsum is used in fertilizer, and run-off can enter the municipal water supply.

Water softeners counteract the ions from these minerals and remove their damaging properties by putting sodium ions into the water. Professionals can determine the best type of water softener to install in a home that so it will eliminate the problems of hard water without placing too much sodium into the water supply.

If you have noticed white, flaky deposits on your plumbing fixtures, or you’ve encounter trouble develop a decent soap lather for washing and bathing, call The Trusted Plumber. If you need a water softener in Peoria, AZ, put you trust in us.

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